Rutts tankespinn og ME-nyheter

Det meste av det siste innen biomedisinsk forskning på ME

Prof. Kenny De Meirleir på nederlandsk TV

Disability with ME vs. psychiatric denial:

Engelsk oversettelse fra ESMEs Facebook side:

«People fight for ME in vain in the Netherlands (and Belgium) for recognition of ME as a real physical illness. In America they have managed it already. They have found indications that ME is caused by a virus for which you can take medication. And that is quite different than the behavior therapy that people with ME receive in the Netherlands (and in Belgium) ME is being addressed, but with virus or without it, how do you get it and especially those who are the victims?

Dr. Kenny: Everybody, everybody can get the disease.

Then speaks the ME patient.

Journalist: ME or CFS as it also is called is a disease that is difficult to determine by specialists. The disease consists of a litany of complaints. Chronic fatigue is the biggest. Little is known about the disease and not simply to demonstrate with a blood sample.

Theo Wijlhuizen: ME is a chronic disorder of muscles, joints and the nervous system so it consists in a lot of complaints of pain, poor sleep, affects your memory and your mind as well, and you experience concentration problems.

Journalist: recently a U.S. study showed that a virus probably underlies the development of ME. The virus attacks the immune system so that bacteria, especially in the gut, can thrive luxuriantly. That is why Kenny De Meirleir – who is involved in this American study – treats his patients with a combination of antivirals, antibiotics and vitamins. In doses that are prohibited in the Netherlands.

How serious is it if someone gets ME?

DML: It ranges from very mild to very severe disabilities. I have here, in Norway, patients who I have to visit at their home, because they only can move their fingers. These patients are hidden from the world. There are at least 90 of them, but probably more. People who are completely invalidated in a dark chamber, they are due to the toxin in their intestines very sensitive to light and sounds, are in a confined space, fed with a probe, not moving anymore.

A bit of a Norwegian documentary about a patient.

Journalist «If it is such a serious illness and so many people are suffering it, why is it kept in secret and why isn’t it studied in an adult way?

DML: Well I think this is not the first time in history, that something like this happens, I think this also happened with HIV. I think this also happened with leprosy. That sort of things that eventually gets repelled. There are also different influences. There are both those who fear what it will cost – too big budget. On the other hand, the fright of finding something frightening.

Reporter: Better the head in the sand?

DML: Rather the head in the sand than eventually find out what is the underlying mechanism.

Journalist: but if this is the current attitude in Europe, perhaps even in the whole world, then the problem might be much greater than you just outlined.

DML: The problem is much bigger. I took for first time a young doctor with me, to visit that patient in Norway. He got totally emotionally traumatized because of it and has stopped studying ME study.

Journalist: when an estimated 90 personas are so seriously ill in Norway, how is it in the Netherlands?.

Theo Wijlhuizen: There must be about 1000 bedbounded, nobody knows them, they get a few times a day visit from the district nursing, they do not die, but nobody knows them. And only when they get known, you can stick the label on it.

Journalist: And with the label of ME stuck on a patient, there are quite different treatments. In the Netherlands, the Radboud hospital in Nijmegen sets the tone. Netherland treats ME patients with behavioral therapy. To say it popularly «it is all between the ears» and «try to move as much as possible.» Professor DML bases on chronic inflammation, particularly in the intestines. The Journal Ortho informed earlier this year in the Netherlands on the treatment of Professor DML. But what are the results? According to the Dutch-behavioral treatment, 6% of the patients achieve improvement. According to the treatment of DML 70% of the patients improve.

Theo Wijlhuizen: The people who are ahead of their time get opposition. Prof. DML is about 10 to 20 years ahead. He belongs, together with several others, to the world top in the field of ME/CFS. They got united in an organization that comes together every two years. Unfortunately there are no Dutch in that organization.

Speaks a patient: in short – he recuperated 80% functioning thanks to DML’s treatment. Still takes medication!

Journalist: We asked the Radbout hospital to participate in our broadcast. They told us they refuse to participate with professor DML in one TV program. They were prepared to a written statement: «Professor Van Der Meer, the leader of the Nijmegen CFS group, feels little for an interview for “EénVandaag” (the dutch TV-channel): due to the fact that you are planning to let speak Mr Kenny De Meirleir. He is known in the medical science known as someone who does not take the truth very close, to put it carefully. «

8 responses to “Prof. Kenny De Meirleir på nederlandsk TV

  1. Sun 30.05.10, kl. 19:18

    Bra Rutt 😀

    Kan du legge dette inn på Forumet vårt også?

    Mvh Sun

  2. Lilljekonvall 30.05.10, kl. 19:55

    Takk for gode ord på bloggen min. Jeg trengte de. Takk !! 🙂

  3. Renate 31.05.10, kl. 13:09

    Så flott med en oversettelse.
    Hva har de imot De Meirleir, egentlig? («known as someone who does not take the truth very close».)

    Det var nytt for meg at toksiner i tarmen er/kan være grunne til lys og lydoverfølsomhet – interessant!

  4. Maria 31.05.10, kl. 13:16

    Jeg kan nesten ikke annet enn å le av disse psykiaterne:p Bare 6% har effekt av behandlingen deres, men de mener fremdeles at de har funnet svaret. Det er jo riv ruskende galt at de i det hele tatt får holde på, men slik var det med Parkinsons og MS også. Til man fant ut hva som egentlig var årsaken. Men veldig skummelt at noen forhelliger sine egne «sannheter» på denne måten, og i tillegg sier om Meirleir at han omgås sannheten lettvint. Jeg ville vel heller sagt det var omvendt, når man ser på resultatene.

  5. tege 31.05.10, kl. 13:29

    Under klippet på Youtube står det:

    NB: Dutch Psychiatrist, Jos Van de Meer (who denies ME exists) refused to appear on TV programme with Immunologist and ME specialist from Belgium, Professor Kenny De Meirleir.

    Maybe as ME is classified as a neurological disease by the World Health Organisation (G93.3 ICD-10) and not a Psychiatric illness!!!!

  6. Rutt 02.06.10, kl. 08:31

    Hei Renate, Maria og Tege!
    Denne drakampen mellom psykiatri og fysiologi er enormt sterk! Jeg blir stadig overrasket over dette, både her hjemme og i utlandet. Det viser igjen hvor stort behov det er for å rydde opp i ME-sekken og få skilt diagnosene.
    Ha en fin dag!

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