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Det meste av det siste innen biomedisinsk forskning på ME

Webinar om ME, XMRV og blodsikkerhet

Hentet fra CFIDS:

«In this webinar, Louis M. Katz, MD, a specialist in infectious diseases and a prominent figure in national blood banking organizations, will provide background about blood safety issues related to xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) – a retrovirus that has been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Public health officials are investigating the potential threat to the nation’s blood supply posed by XMRV due to the possibility that it might be transmitted through transfusions, as are other retroviruses such as HIV and HTLV. Dr. Katz will review current XMRV research initiatives and will discuss investigations of the retrovirus by those working in transfusion medicine.»

TORSDAG 12.08.10 KL. 20.00 – 21.00

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One response to “Webinar om ME, XMRV og blodsikkerhet

  1. Rutt 12.08.10, kl. 18:56

    Hentet fra CFIDS:
    «GoToWebinar had a system-wide problem with audio today that prevented us from delivering the program on «XMRV & Blood Safety.» Dr. Katz has graciously agreed to reschedule. Please join us on Monday, Aug. 16 at 2:00 PM (Eastern time) for a redux, this time with SOUND!! (Sorry for those who waited online for the program to begin.)»

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