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FDA, CDC og WPI skal samarbeide om nytt XMRV-studie

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«There will be another attempt to figure out what’s going on, NIH director Francis Collins announced in his opening remarks to workshop participants. He said that in recent weeks he asked Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to direct a multi-center study of CFS patients to try to get to the bottom of the dispute. Collins said all the scientists need to “work together to get answers.”»

«The new study, Lipkin says, will involve fresh blood samples from 100 CFS patients and 100 similar, but healthy people — 25 of each group from four different sites around the country, to provide geographic diversity. The samples will be processed, blinded and sent to the FDA, the CDC and the Whittemore Peterson Institute, which led the team that published the original Science paper. If a lab finds a sample is positive for XMRV, further tests will be needed to confirm the result. If one lab finds a positive sample but another lab doesn’t, the same samples can be shipped again, with a new blinded code, to be tested again. “If you get the same result, it is valid,” Lipkin says.»

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One response to “FDA, CDC og WPI skal samarbeide om nytt XMRV-studie

  1. TEGE 08.09.10, kl. 15:46

    I utgangspunktet elsker jeg samarbeid!

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