Rutts tankespinn og ME-nyheter

Det meste av det siste innen biomedisinsk forskning på ME

Artikkel om ME og XMRV/MLV i et av verdens største medisinske tidsskrift

Hentet fra The journal of the American Medical Association:

«The cause of CFS, a debilitating condition defined by a constellation of clinical symptoms and the absence of alternate causes, has long eluded scientists. But immune system abnormalities associated with the disorder and the severe flu-like symptoms many patients experience have led scientists to search for infectious agents that might cause the disease.

In a study published in October 2009 (Lombardi VC et al. Science. 2010;326[5952]:585-589), a multi-institution team of scientists reported finding an association between CFS and xenotropic murine leukemia virus–related virus (XMRV), which had previously been found in human prostate cancer cells. The team was led by scientists from the Whittemore Peterson Institute, a nonprofit research organization in Reno, Nev, that focuses on diseases involving neurological and immunological symptoms, and included scientists from the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Md, and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, in Cleveland, Ohio. The researchers found DNA from the XMRV virus in 68 of 101 patients with CFS (67%) they tested, and in 8 of 218 healthy controls (3.7%). They also found that XMRV derived from patient samples could infect other cells grown in culture.»

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4 responses to “Artikkel om ME og XMRV/MLV i et av verdens største medisinske tidsskrift

  1. Ronny 20.10.10, kl. 19:31


  2. Martha 20.10.10, kl. 23:15

    Tusen takk! Skal til legen i morgen, og denne skal jeg ta meg meg!

  3. anonymica 21.10.10, kl. 13:14

    Jeg vet ikke om jeg har lov å legge ut lange sitater fra en annen nettside her, hvis ikke får du bare slette det. Men jeg oppdaget dette i dag, og ble veldig forskrekket:

    XMRV Family Studies
    (This is the part of the day that totally blew my mind)
    In January 2010, WPI did a study using samples from Dr. Cheney’s clinic in Dallas.  They tested not only CFS patients but also their families, including children, parents, and siblings.
    81% of the Cheney CFS patient samples were positive for XMRV.
    Ready for this?  50% of all family members of CFS patients were also positive for XMRV, whether they had any symptoms or not.

    They constructed family trees for each family.  In addition to people with CFS, they also looked for family members with cancer and autism.
    They found XMRV positive: parents with CFS kids; kids with a CFS parent; kids with autism.
    In all, 54% of the parents tested were XMRV positive, 59% of the children tested were XMRV positive, and 82% of the kids with autism were XMRV positive.  They detected additional XMRV positive people in 16 of 17 families tested who had 1 member with CFS.

    Detection of XMRV in these samples required multiple testing methods to find it all.
    They have no idea how XMRV might be transmitted between family members.
    By the way, the possible link between CFS and autism is not new.  Other researchers have suggested it in the past because they see similar immune system dysfunction in kids with autism.

    (This part is really disturbing to me.  I like to believe that people are generally good and do what they believe to be right.  I know that’s not always the case.)

    Are you wondering why we haven’t heard about the amazing studies conducted by WPI in the UK and with families from Dr. Cheney’s clinic?  Dr. Mikovitz says no one will publish them.  She said they keep submitting papers to various publications and they keep getting turned down.
    Dr. Mikovtz said what’s happening with XMRV and CFS reminds her very much of the early days of HIV research.  She said that just like back then, she has a drawer full of scientific studies no one will publish, but she will just keep on conducting studies and putting them in the drawer until things change.

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