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20.10: Ny oppdatering på XMRV/MLV fra Judy Mikovits

Hentet fra

  • «Dr. Mikovitz’ father (or maybe step-father) died of prostrate cancer, so she devoted her career and life to finding the infectious agent responsible.  This is how she first discovered XMRV in prostrate cancer patients – she never expected to find it in CFS (may not have even known about CFS) – she’s been working on this for over 20 years.
  • Dr. Mikovitz also worked on HIV for many years and has a lot of experience with that retrovirus.
  • Because other known retroviruses, like HIV, tend to mostly affect B and T cells in the immune system, that’s where they first looked for XMRV – turns out those are NOT the best places to find XMRV.
  • The body’s antibody response to XMRV is very different from the response to HIV, so you have to look for it in different places within the immune system (WPI found the antibodies in «the envelope» – I didn’t entirely understand what this meant but it’s important and she emphasized it often).
  • The first studies to detect XMRV found only sequences or parts of the retrovirus.
  • There are two types being found: XMRV and Polytropic MRV (which were found in the more recent FDA/NIH study).  Polytropic MRV is also referred to a PMRV.
  • MLV (Muerine Leukemia Viruses) are being mis-interpreted by some.  Although they have Muerine (i.e. mouse-related) in their name, Dr. Mikovitz emphasized that these retroviruses are not mouse viruses; they are only related to mice.  The X in XMRV stands for Xenotropic which means human.  XMRV has ONLY been found in humans, not in mice (this is important in discussions of possible contamination later).  Johns Hopkins has studied dozens of types of mice, both those bred in labs and those found in the wild, and these retroviruses do NOT exist n mice.»

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3 responses to “20.10: Ny oppdatering på XMRV/MLV fra Judy Mikovits

  1. Jannik 21.10.10, kl. 14:22

    Det som er mest spennende, er det som ligger under » UK XMRV Study»

    # Ready for this? 50% of all family members of CFS patients were also positive for XMRV, whether they had any symptoms or not.
    # They constructed family trees for each family. In addition to people with CFS, they also looked for family members with cancer and autism.
    # They found XMRV positive: parents with CFS kids; kids with a CFS parent; kids with autism.
    # In all, 54% of the parents tested were XMRV positive, 59% of the children tested were XMRV positive, and 82% of the kids with autism were XMRV positive. They detected additional XMRV positive people in 16 of 17 families tested who had 1 member with CFS.

  2. Tone 21.10.10, kl. 15:22

    Ja intressant forskning spesielt for pasienter, men kanskje ikke for legemiddelindustri og behandlere som tjener mer på varig symptombehandling…

  3. mhj 21.10.10, kl. 21:01

    Dette er vel den samme informasjonen som kom ut fra XMRV abstraktene fra workshop’en…

    Venter veldig på nye studier….


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