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Rapport fra XMRV-konferanse i Spania

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«A new XMRV Workshop has taken place today in Vall Hebron Hospital in Barcelona. We have had five lectures, all of them full of the history of all the papers that have been published since Dr. Judy Mikovits’s paper came out in September 2009. But each speaker has also given a summary of what are they working on.

Dr. José Alegre opened the session and was the first to speak. He is one of the most well known specialists in CFS, and as soon as the Science paper was published, he immediately tried to involve a group of Biologists from his Hospital in this research.

Then, Dr. Cecilia Cabrera from IrsiCaixa talked for an hour. She mentioned the great importance of Dr. Ila Singh’s study with animals, and all they have learned about XMRV. Then she said that they have tested 11 patients and done 4 controls, that they have identified sequences of XMRV (not polytrophic virus) in B cells of CFS patients and controls, and that they are developing models of infection in human tissues in vitro, and in this way was able to study the viral pathogenity.

Dr. José Montoya of Stanford University was next. He started explaining that six years ago he met his first CFS patient, and since then he has visited more than 450. He is sure that you can develop CFS after a viral infection, and he believes that 11 % of patients that suffer EBV, Q fever, Ross River virus, etc, can end up with a CFS. About Dr. Judy Mikovit’s paper he remarked that since it was published everybody is turning to CFS with the intention to find out all they can because they have completely changed their opinion.

In a random, double-blind, placebo-controlled study they have found that there was a clinical improvement in patients who were taking valganciclovir for a period of more than six months, compared with placebo.CFS patients met Foukuda’s international criteria and had high antibody data against HHV-6 and EBV.Several immunological markers changed significantly in the treated patients that were not seen in patients taking placebo. This study will be submitted for publication this month, and provides evidence that CFS is a real illness that can be caused by an infectious agent that can be treated with prolonged antiviral intervention. They are also working on the hypothesis that besides the antiviral mechanism there could also be an immonumodulater component in the good results.

And the last to talk was Dr. Jordi Petriz, of the Vall Hebron Hospital. He told us that the aim of his research with Dr. Alegre has to do with the development of functional tests that help to find a better classification of subtypes of CFS. They will use citometric techniques (a very sophisticated technology) on the whole blood of people with CFS infected with XMRV, and compare the results with appropriate controls, in the hope of finding a pattern and goal differential characteristic of CFS. These techniques will also permit the analysis of the lymphocytes in the study of CFS patient’s immune system. He has also widely described the study that is focused on neutrophil oxidative metabolism and how this may affect their function.

Our conclusion is that all of them have mentioned the importance of an animal model to study the pathogenesis of XMRV. It’s also very important to have accepted tools to work with, and this means the urgent need of a universal kit. They are all working in the same direction, they are sharing lots of data, samples, etc, and they all agreed with the great complicity between the different groups, which they had not observed so far, for the other diseases they have worked on. Good long term perspectives.»

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7 responses to “Rapport fra XMRV-konferanse i Spania

  1. Tone 03.11.10, kl. 12:17

    Bra, Spania har hatt veldig bra og nøktern informasjon ute, så det har vært spennende og følge informasjonen derfra.

  2. Måne 03.11.10, kl. 12:31

    Ja, dette ser veldig bra ut 🙂 Det gjør godt å lese, og håpet stiger for hver gode melding som tikker inn hos deg, Rutt 🙂
    Noe langt annet enn meldingene fra Danmark..:-(
    Det begynner å bli tydelig hvilke land som tar ME\XMRV på alvor og hvilke som fortsatt stikker hodet i sanden..

  3. Saturnin 03.11.10, kl. 13:43

    Takk for nyttig informasjon 🙂

  4. Rutt 03.11.10, kl. 18:32

    Det blir spennende å følge forskningen i Spania!! Europa kommer på banen, det er BRA!! 🙂

  5. anonymica 03.11.10, kl. 19:41

    Kan noen her si noe om hva slags medisin Valganciclovir er?

    • Rutt 03.11.10, kl. 20:03

      «It has been proposed that valganciclovir could be used in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. Following some reported success in 9 out of 12 patients at Stanford University in California, a follow-up double-blind, controlled study of 30 patients was completed, and although data has not yet been released, according to the Virus Induced CNS Dysfunction Association, «the data Dr. Montoya presented at the 2008 International Conference on HHV-6&7 indicated that patients on Valcyte experienced significant cognitive improvement.», especially for those with elevated antibody levels to HHV-6 and EBV (VCA and EA) [3][4]»

  6. Tone 03.11.10, kl. 19:42

    Spania kan bli viktig, og med tanke på EU..

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