Rutts tankespinn og ME-nyheter

Det meste av det siste innen biomedisinsk forskning på ME

Now its the time!

Som vi alle vet: det som blir bestemt i Storbritannia, liker Helsedirektoratet å kopiere!

Følgende info har blitt sendt til meg på mail og jeg tenker at at alle monner drar. Har du kapasitet så send en email for å fremme bedre forhold for ME-pasienter og legge press på Britiske myndigheter:

The Government’s White Paper, Equity and Excellence: liberating the
NHS sets out proposals which envisage a presumption of greater choice
and control over care and treatment, choice of treatment and
healthcare provider becoming the reality in the vast majority of
NHS-funded services by no later than 2013/14.

In other words this  is a rare opportunity  for people with ME to give
an account of what choices they want to have.

Stonebird is proud to have been a participant in  drafting «Now is the
Time , to say what Choices you want» , a comprehensive  reply to the
White Paper ,   «written by patients for patients», especially people
with Severe ME.

«Now is the Time»   asserts the views concerns ,  bio medical needs
and choices that  people with ME  want , not only in diagnosis,  but
right  across the board, including treatment, and social care.

«Now is the Time», gives voice to all those who find that   :

«The discrimination and inequality in the current system is
unacceptable and a breach of our rights. We call for an end to this
discrimination, and our right to be involved in the planning of our
health care services to be honoured and the patient voice heard loud
and clear.»

Urgent : replies to the Government  White Paper need to be in this
week. There is still time to respond ! We urge you  : «Let your voice
be heard loud and clear the more who reply the stronger the message

How To Take Part

Download the response document «NOW IS THE TIME»  from Stonebird :

 In PDF format :

Attach it or paste it into to your email

subject : Severe ME choices response

send it to :

cc. us at so we can log the response figures

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