Rutts tankespinn og ME-nyheter

Det meste av det siste innen biomedisinsk forskning på ME

Anbefalt blogginnlegg fra CFS Patient Advocate: «Lost voices» (fra en skjult sykdom)

Hentet fra CFS Patient Advocate:

«Most people, doctors for instance, do not want to look at this illness in its particulars. They get bored and irritated with the endless list of symptoms, and the rotating, unhinged,»unable to be pinned down» nature of this illness. It is fundamentally too complex and too shifting for their tastes, and thus it invites disbelief – with the attendant cruelty unleashed towards the patients. This has a medieval feel to it.

Can one get beyond the disbelief factor with this illness? Is there a way to give a clear picture of the illness at its center, and of the patients at the bottom?»

«In 2009 I sat in a conference hall in London while Dr. Kenny de Meirleir flashed images up on the screen of severely ill ME patients in Norway. The photographs, videos or descriptions of these patients were truly frightening. (A young woman/girl spoke of having lived in the same house with her sister for the last four years, and of having never been able to see or talk to her sister.) The images seem to be out of the Middle Ages. The audience, doctors, researchers, patients and advocates, seemed to react in shock, as if somehow Dr. de Meirleir had done something inappropriate. Of course this is nonsense. But if those inflicted with this illness, or those treating this illness, cannot take a good look at the bottom, who can?»

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