Rutts tankespinn og ME-nyheter

Det meste av det siste innen biomedisinsk forskning på ME

Rapport fra amerikanske helsemyndigheters (NIH) konferanse 7-8 april

Hentet fra The Wall Street Journal Health Blog:

«On one side was Judy Mikovits of the Whittemore Peterson Institute, which led the scientific team that reported a link between the retrovirus XMRV and CFS in a 2009 paper published in the journal Science. She presented both published and unpublished data on how patients make antibodies to XMRV and ways the retrovirus leaves immune dysfunction “footprints in the blood.” She suggested it’s time to translate some of the findings into ways to help patients.

On the other side was John Coffin of Tufts University, presenting unpublished work done in his lab and at NCI suggesting that XMRV was generated during lab experiments growing human cancer tissue in mice and then got into patient samples through contamination.»

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Hentet fra Learning to Live With CFS:

«Here, I am summarizing only a few of the key conclusions from certain presentations – this is by no means a comprehensive summary.  I didn’t watch all the presentations (had to take my naps and take care of my family) and some I left out simply because they were highly scientific and/or theoretical with little of practical use to patients today.  Also, I didn’t start taking notes until Day 2 (I was just too sick), though I’ve included some key points from Day 1 here).  You can watch any or all of the presentations online, referring to the meeting agenda to help find the ones you want (they haven’t yet posted the videos online, but you should be able to find links by next week at the NIH Videocasting website, unless the government shuts down).»

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«Live» transkribering fra medlemmer av Phoenix Rising (Deler av konferansen) HER


Konferansen i sin helhet vil bli lagt tilgjengelig i løpet av neste uke. Jeg vil oppdatere bloggen fortløpende 🙂


One response to “Rapport fra amerikanske helsemyndigheters (NIH) konferanse 7-8 april

  1. mhj 09.04.11, kl. 11:07

    😉 nu skal vi lese referater – spanande….

    Ser frem til videoene kommer…


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