Rutts tankespinn og ME-nyheter

Det meste av det siste innen biomedisinsk forskning på ME

Interessant artikkel om tarmbakterienes rolle i bla ME

Hentet fra

«For centuries scientists didn’t think our relationship with bacteria was terribly important, except for those rare cases when bugs escape the gastrointestinal tract, enter the bloodstream, and cause a life-threatening infection. Then researchers started figuring out that our intestines are full of known and unknown species that compose unique bacterial ecologies. And each of us, they’re finding, has a symbiotic relationship with these bacteria.

Today we’re learning that diverse groups of bacteria play major roles in several ailments, including colitis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and even colon cancer. Scientists at Carolina and elsewhere are proving that probiotics — the so-called good bacteria sold at health-food stores — can help millions of people, including kids. And they’ve found that bacteria’s effect on health starts when they’re babies.

Read the full text of the article here:  Bacteria_In_Your_Body»

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